APTEA (Administrative, Professional and Technical Employees Association) has been proudly serving exempt staff at the City of Calgary since 1950.

Almost 70 years ago, The City of Calgary Administrative and Professional Employees Association, now referred to as The City of Calgary Administrative, Professional and Technical Exempt Employees (APTEA), was formed. In March 1950 , the elected representatives of the newly formed Association along with the elected representatives: President – Mr. G.R. Austin; Vice President – Mr. J.A. Lamb and the Secretary Treasurer – Mr. W Garnett made an official request to the Commissioners of the City of Calgary to respectfully request (APTEA) as the official organization representing the professional employees.

The purpose of the Association was to provide representation for these employees.  APTEA continues to act as the recognized liaison with the City of Calgary as outlined in the City of Calgary Administration Policy Exempt Staff Policy.