The APTEA Scholarship Awards are now posted below.

2019 Award Application Fulltime – Coming Soon

2019 Award Application Part time APTEA Member – Coming Soon

There a four $500 awards for qualifying children of APTEA members and one additional $500 award in this category donated by one of our value added partners, TD Insurance.  These awards are for full time studies at an accredited university, college or trade school.

There are two $500 awards for qualifying APTEA members  and two $250 awards. These awards are for part time studies at an accredited university, college or trade school. The two $500 awards are funded by a donation from TD Insurance based on the number of home and auto policies held by APTEA members. Members are asked to provide a brief description of why this course is of benefit to them in their current position at The City of Calgary.

Note: The following value added sponsors also post scholarship opportunities on their websites.

TD Insurance Meloche Monnex and Alberta Medical Association

TD Insurance Engineers  Canada Award

There are several more available under Scholarships Canada

Johnson Insurance –  Application deadline for 2019 is August 12, 2019

Legacy Financial –  Applications opening soon