The City of Calgary Administrative, Professional and Technical Exempt Employees (APTEA) provides the City of Calgary Exempt staff with active, responsible and effective representation in matters identified in the Exempt Staff Policy Statement.

APTEA is continually working to create and build opportunities for all “exempt” staff employed by the City of Calgary into a joint and mutually beneficial relationship.

We provide:

  • Representation and Advocacy
  • Networking and Education
  • Social Events
  • Value Added Benefits

Representation and Advocacy
Representation: For 70 years, APTEA proudly acts on behalf of members’ when meeting with senior City officials and Human Resources on matters that affect Exempt staff.  We provide our members with representation to the Municipal Employees Benefit Association of Calgary (MEBAC), which manages and administers employee contributions to The City of Calgary employee benefits plan. The City of Calgary is an employer that also participates in the Local Authorities Pension Plan (LAPP).

Advocacy: APTEA provides advice and clarification of employment (i.e., salaries, benefits, and working conditions, etc., as per the Exempt Staff Policy Statement, Compensation Review).

Networking and Education

Networking: opportunities with other Exempt staff in a social and business context

Education:  Lunch N Learn and Professional Development offer opportunities to learn new ideas, professionally as well as personally.

Value-Added Benefits

Keep money in your pocket! APTEA members may receive discounts:

  • TD Insurance – save on home and auto insurance
  • Broadway Across Canada – Performances
  • BOOM Group Listing Partner discountsLogin/Sign-up
  • Calgary Sports and Entertainment -Ticket Offer (none at this time)
  • GoAsAGroup – more info…